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Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ever wonder why it costs more to have an independent photographer take your pictures when Walmart can do it for so cheap? This article lays out the case very well as it takes into account:

  • driving
  • location preparation
  • shooting
  • loading images
  • backing up images
  • polishing images (excellent example here and here)
  • all the phone calls, printing, and delivering
All in all, photography is not just about the time it takes to shoot the pictures, but also the time and money it took for the photographer to master their craft, the portrait shoot experience, and the care of the pictures afterwards. Pictures are often all that are left to accompany the memories of yesterday, so consider carefully when choosing your photographer!


Here's another helpful article that goes into more detail.

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Kristin Braun said...

I love the new blog :D Especially the header and the matching sidebar headers :) VERY creative!