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Monday, July 21, 2008

Prizes & a Pink Tutu

I love winning prizes! Who doesn't? So when I found out I had won a cute little pink tutu from Love, September, it made my day! Last Friday while editing her pictures I realized how much Shaylin had grown and that it wouldn't be long before she was too big to wear the tutu. So instead of waiting months to see more of this cutie, you only had to wait a few days! Isn't she adorable?

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Chenoa said...

Wow, so creative. Where did you find that great chair? It works perfectly!You did an awsome job capturing her expressions.

Sarah Bradshaw said...

Lydia, I just stumbled across your blog. Amazing work! So glad to see you on here! =)

Anonymous said...

Chenoa, the chair is Shaylin's and fits right in her perfect little girl room!

Sarah, glad to see you too!

Matt said...

Hi Lydia, I also stumbled across your blog, and absolutely love love the photos (speaking as an amateur photog myself -- well, college newspaper counts! lol).

My favorite of this bunch is definitely the one where she's backwards, and appears to be climbing right over the back of the chair. Adorable and a lot of mystery to it. Excellent depth of field in all the pics, also. :D

Feel free to stop by my blog, too. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, that's almost too much! She looks like a doll, but there's just a glint of impishness in her expressions that pop out when you look closer. Good capture. :-)