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Friday, August 15, 2008

Colt Justice | Just Because

You know those days when you start to question whether or not you can really handle the job? You start to think "oh no, did I make the right choice?" It's a love for how this medium can capture personality that causes me to "rock on," as DJ puts it.

Colt Justice (isn't that such a cool name?), like most 2 year old boys, has a ton of energy. And I have not perfected the technique of shooting moving objects that move in random directions. I was praying for at least one picture to come out decently and am excited to have five that I love. They're not perfect, but do you get a sense of a sweet little boy with that loves to laugh and play? Then I've accomplished my goal!

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Jordan Boesch said...

Hey Lydia!

These turned out great! I'm getting pretty good at "moving object" photography...I have a very busy little 11 month old! :P Just keep practicing! Any pets? They're good to practice on, and any kids you come across that are at that "wiggly" stage just shoot away! Try putting your camera on multiple frame shots (as in, you can hold down the shutter and get constant shots).

Harder to figure out...what to do when the kid is at the "grab the camera lens" stage! Haven't figured that out yet... ;)

Catie Ronquillo said...

Great shots! I know how hard it is to catch kids in constant motion. Nice job! :)