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Sunday, August 31, 2008

PHC DL Get Together

Pretend scones and tea in the chat room, nicknames, discussion boards that went on for miles, debates, papering into the night, and pictures of desks were all just a small part of what it was like to take classes through Patrick Henry College distance learning. Not all of us went on to finish our degree with them because of money, the timing, degree changes, or other various reasons, but many of the friendships made through those tough classes have continued on. People like Heather, Michelle, Jordan, Brooke, Corrie, Abby, Marcus, Rob, Raija, and many others.

So it was with excitement that Michelle and I planned to meet up at my house again. This time Marcus would be coming too! I don't know about them, but I had such a good time and was sad we didn't get to talk longer. Let's do it again soon guys!

Michelle and I testing out the lighting

Marcus, Michelle's friend John, Michelle, and Myself

I love how Marcus was the one to suggest a silly picture and just sat there smiling when we listened to him!

By the way, we made Marcus sit down because a 6'5'' person makes the 5'3'' person look like a midget!

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Anonymous said...

one of these days, ALL us old DLers will have to meet in person.
Come see me? Please?

Laura Lynne Photography said...

Cute! Looks like you guys are having way too much fun! :)