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Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend in San Antonio

Houston: check. San Antonio: check. Austin: tomorrow. Dallas: still coming.

I had an awesome weekend with my cousins. Saturday morning we went to a park on base to play around and get some action pictures. We planned to take family pictures during the golden hour, and I happened to find just the prop for our shoot! I've been searching everywhere for the perfect little white antique chair for my studio. It was out there to be bought at only $2.15! While I'm bummed I couldn't keep it, at least I know it's safe and sound at my cousin's house.

After the shoot (pictures to come!), we headed to Market Square in San Antonio to eat at Texas' best Mexican Restaurant--Mi Tierra. Outside the restaurant, a street magician entertained the waiting customers. Steven even got in on the act! He was surprised to find out that even he could turn two balls into three balls! Surrounded by twinkling white Christmas lights reflecting off gold and silver banners and being serenaded by wandering musicians, we just enjoyed being together and eating yummy food.

My cousin and I finished off the night by wandering down the River Walk. It was fun seeing this side of the area--quiet and peaceful in some parts, with crowds of people and live bands playing in other parts. It was also sobering to see so many people searching: for a mate, for a good time, for a bed, for peace.

More valuable than the "little white dress," my perfect little white chair.

This restaurant is not only known for its food and atmosphere, but also for its authentic Mexican bakery.

San Antonio at night

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Laura Lynne Photography said...

What a fun trip!! Love that last image - almost looks like a theatre photo. Very cool. :)

Catie Ronquillo said...

Definitely cool trip! :) I'm moving to Dallas post wedding. Check out the Dallas World Aquarium if you have time, it's great. Also downtown Dallas has a lot of cool textures and it fun to shoot there. I have yet to check out Austin and San Antonio. Have fun! :)

Butterfly Chaser Photography said...

Welcome to Texas, Lydia!

I love that chair! So very awesome, and only 2 dollars!!! What a steal.

I cannot wait to see what you will do with the Dallas Arboretum!

Matthew Saville said...

Hey Lydia, great photos lately! Beautiful shallow DOF, what lens were you using for that teddy bear shot? Love the clarity.

BTW for the shot you asked about, I did just a touch of "bumping" in Bridge CS3. You know how it is, unless an image is just PERFECT, ya gotta bump up the contrast just a touch with all digital images. Other than that, yeah I've really been getting into a groove with my camera!

Take care,

Lydia said...

Thanks guys!

Sarah, I really want to shoot at the Arboretum, but don't know if it will work out. I have no transportation at the moment. :-(

Matt, I was using my 50 1.4 set at 2.8. It has fast become my favorite lens!

LadyM said...

I really like those last two pictures. wow. the one of people sleeping on the doorstep...