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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Last of Texas

I'm sitting inside working on homework and wishing I had a portrait session this afternoon. It's the perfect day for a photo shoot! So I'll content myself with finishing up the pictures from Texas.

There is such a thing as too much shopping, but you can never take too many pictures! So the kids and I turned our day into...well, you can see below:

After touring the Texas capitol in Austin, it makes me wish California had such an interesting history. That and the perfect weather we had while visiting almost makes me think I could live there...almost.

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Liana said...

Cool pics of the landmarks!!

Jordan Boesch said...

Love the picture of the capitol building! Absolutely stunning! I also love the one of the little guy with his bug! They will find dirt and bugs wherever they go... =)

Lucia Photography said...

I like the picture where you can see you in the mirror

michelle ford said...

i love it when the kids are in like flynn on photo ops! you guys look like you had fun... btw.. there is NO such thing as too much shopping. to tired feet and beyond!

Jen Berry said...

those kid photos are sooooo awesome
that capitol building looks awesome.