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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Breaks of Life

I love breaks! They allow you to step outside normal life for a time to do something different, reevaluate life, and be refreshed. This past weekend my family took a break to go on a mini trip. Part of one day was spent in Bodega Bay, I got to look around the church where a wedding I'm shooting in a couple of weeks will be held, finished up a library book that had been sitting on my dresser, worked out in the hotel's gym, enjoyed the 24/7 coffee bar, bought a much needed 1TB of external hard drive goodness, and was encouraged by friends. By the way, the Hampton Inn in Windsor, California has some of the best staff ever! They're genuine, helpful, and friendly--part of what I'm aspiring to in my business. My camera mostly acted as a drag weight all weekend, so here's pretty much the only two pictures I took.

The best clam chowder in Bodega Bay!

Nearing 11pm after getting back from visiting friends, I'm about to hit the gym. Coffee is a wonderful thing!

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Anonymous said...

That's called motivation. :)

Lydia said...

That's called drinking too much coffee too late at night. ;-)

Lucia Photography said...

that clam chowder looks so good right now...