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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bridal Shower

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon--perfect for celebrating Sheri's engagement! But more than the yummy Chinese food, fun games, and lemons bars and ice cream sundaes for dessert, I enjoyed just spending time with her. My bridesmaid dress came in yesterday, so now I need to find bronze or gold heels. Only seven weeks left until the wedding!

My team's toilet paper wedding dress:

Karissa's going to be a beautiful bride someday!

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Jordan Boesch said...

The toilet paper dress game is SO much fun! They had that at my shower too and of course they had to dress me up. And I'll keep my eye out for some heels! ;)

Sean said...

Haha, the toilet paper dresses look like a lot of fun! Great photograph of the dessert - looks delicious!

Curtis Copeland said...

Cute pictures. Great work. Thanks for sharing!


Brianna said...

I looked at these photos before I read any of the write up and actually thought this was a legit dress. You guys can rock some toilet paper!

Catie Ronquillo said...

That toilet paper wedding dress is pretty impressive!! :)

Cristi said...

Wow! I'd totally wear this dress. I didn't even notice it was toilet paper until I read it :) Awesome pictures too!
So looking forward to meeting you in less than a month!

jamiedelaine said...

That dress is SO impressive.