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Friday, May 8, 2009

Setting Out From Home

Wednesday found me jumping on a jet plane. Some friends just happened to be on the same first leg of the trip.

Getting ready for the Fast Track Workshop by reading Dane Sanders' Fast Track Photographer.

This is what happens when we're stuck in a small area for a long amount of time.

Thursday was mostly spent sleeping in as the plane didn't land until that morning and driving towards Lynchburg.

I love their Barnes & Noble bookstore with the Starbucks inside!

Today I attended practice where we were informed they are expecting more than 23,000 people tomorrow--wow!

Mmm, pomegranate lemonade!

Tomorrow's the big day!

Almost all pictures taken with my new 28 1.8!

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Liz said...

mmmmm, Where are those oreos???

jamiedelaine said...

Don't you just love that lens? I miss the wide-ness of it, now that I only have the 35mm!