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Friday, July 3, 2009

Melody Joy Floral Design

Surrounded by bridal magazines, the young girls poured over gown styles, bouquets, and tiered cakes. They were planning each and every detail of their someday wedding. As I stood there looking at them, I had no interest in what they were doing. I was weird like that eight years ago. But ever since I joined the wedding industry, I've scoured websites and magazines just drinking in the details. I love talking to my brides about their color choices and table decor. So by the time I get to their wedding, I'm so excited to see how everything turned out. Details are one of my most favorite things to photograph at weddings!

Last fall when Melody began describing her wedding to me, I knew it was going to be good. Not only does she have great taste, she's also an incredible floral designer. To this day I've never had more people tell me how much they loved her bridal bouquet! If you're getting married in the Napa area, be sure to check her out!

Here's one from her site of a beautiful summer bouquet--love it!

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