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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Website 1.0

It's those vague hints of something cooler to come that sometimes bug me. It causes me to be discontent with the here and now and just eager and impatient to see the future cool. That's why I've tried to hold myself back from sharing the awesome things coming to Lydia Photography. "Tried" being the key word.

You may have notice my blog being down last month. A new site was supposed to have taken its web address, but it never showed up due to user error. I've been working on a real website for awhile now. It has gone through many redesigns, and I know will never be totally done. Life changes, and my site will change to reflect that over the years. So instead of waiting for something that will never come, I did it. The official Lydia Photography website 1.0 is now online! So much more is being added to it, but I couldn't keep the hints back any longer and just had to share it!

You can still see my latest weddings and happenings on the blog at its own special link. Be sure to change your RSS feed to keep updated!

If you're interested in creating a website for yourself, be sure to check out Showit. As of this week, they now giving it away for free! You can:
  • publish up to five pages
  • use their templates and graphics or completely make something new
  • easily upload 10MB of music, pictures, slideshows, and more
  • share your site on blogs, facebook, twitter, and iPhones

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whitney elizabeth said...

i love the new site! :) you're right, websites are an on-going process!

jamiedelaine said...

Yay Showit!! Looks so great! :)

Feuza said...

Well done! I have been putting mine off for over a month now, back home from the internship with Sarah and at home with two little boys, need quiet time.My husband said I need to work in the middle of the night for it. Must feel so good to have yours up and it looks great.

Kristin Braun said...

Love the new site, especially your new picture ;)

tiana said...

hey Lydia!
The website looks great. very simple. very elegant and easy to use. it's something to be proud of and something to be inspired by.

are you using the free showit, or are you using the not so free one?

Lydia said...

Thanks guys!

Tiana: I have a lifetime Pro membership. I started out back when they just had their 30 day trial and knew it was exactly what I needed. Even since publishing it just last week, I've been in and out of it tweaking everything.