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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lydia Photography Slideshows

There's something special about viewing your pictures for the first time in a slideshow. With the music playing in the background, it's almost like reliving the event. Because of this, I thought I'd do a quick tutorial on how to get even more out of your slideshow.

Share it easily with others:

  • click the "show controls" button on the bottom right side of the slideshow
  • click the envelope icon to email it directly to your friends and family

Add the slideshow to your Facebook profile:
  • become friends with me
  • go to the "slideshow" tab on my profile
  • click the slideshow's title
  • click the "add slideshow to my profile" link underneath the slideshow
  • allow the Showit application to add itself to your profile
  • enjoy sharing your pictures with your friends!
You can also purchase a small picture book or a DVD copy of the slideshow by clicking the appropriate link.  The gallery from the entire session can be viewed by clicking the "order pictures" shopping cart button.

A few slideshows from this past year:
Leah & Derrick's Slideshow
Melody & Peter's Slideshow
Sheri & Nick's Slideshow

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