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Friday, December 4, 2009

In Front of the Lens

When I ask you to spontaneously laugh, look into my bright reflector, or just trust me, know I've been there and know how you feel! Yesterday found me in Verdi, Nevada with Michael Escalera. For once, I was the one in front of the camera! I tell my friends the reason why I became a photographer was so I could avoid being in this position. Little did I realize it would become the reason! Michael was awesome though and made me feel comfortable! Tip: when choosing your photographer, go beyond their skills and pick someone you genuinely like and get along with! Here's a few pictures of him in action:

Michael taking my picture in Verdi Nevada

Michael checking his camera in Verdi Nevada

My view for the day:
Michael taking my portrait in Verdi Nevada

Thanks Michael for sharing such an awesome location! I may have to steal it for a shoot or two...
The beautiful view from the bridge in Verdi Nevada

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Chenoa said...

I Can't wait to see the pictures :)

Unknown said...

want to see the pictures of YOU!

blair said...

What about the pictures of you??? I was looking forward to seeing Lydia...

Michael E said...

Just got back from a week in Wyoming and saw this post - thanks for the shout out! Hey, I actually like that first image!

Loads of awesome images of you coming up later this week. You and your Mom were so fun to hang around!

Take care,