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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nevada City Commercial | Cole Designs

When Nicole told me that she loved my style, trusted me, and to just do my thing, I felt like giggling and doing a happy dance! By saying that, she became my perfect client and gave me the freedom to create! I was so honored to do this shoot because Nicole is an amazing artist herself. Cole Designs' jewelry is so innovative and beautiful at the same time. I loved each and every piece and could easily imagine wearing a different one every day! Don't these look like they belong at Anthropologie?

Devi wearing a purple hair piece and necklace standing in front of a river

Nicole designed the hairpieces as well as the necklaces and earrings!
Close up of the purple hair piece

My fabulous crew built this snowman for the set. Probably the chicest snowman in all of Nevada City!
Dev laughing in front of a snowman

Dev building a snowman

One of my favorites from the day.
Cream hair piece and earth colored necklace

Dev reaching up to touch a tree

Dev at Pioneer Park in Nevada City

Dev, our model, was such a trooper! She must have felt like an icicle by now, but still continued to look professional and poised, even when I asked her to walk into the stream!
Dev modeling in the creek at Pioneer Park

Another favorite! Nicole, the heart and soul behind Cole Designs.
Jewelry designer, Nicole, at her commercial photography shoot in Nevada City

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Elisabeth Carol said...

These are awesome girl!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment, you are right I love these! So gorgeous. As is your photography. Love it!

Abigail Smith said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Michael E said...

Love that first one...yummy bokeh!

Hannah said...

I love the colors in this series! Just beautiful! :)