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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fast Track Photographer Giveaway

If there has been one book that has changed the photography industry recently, it has been Dane Sanders' Fast Track Photographer. For the amateur and professional alike, Dane makes clear what many people have missed. Pretty pictures do not a good business make. You are not your photography, and YOU are what sets your business a part from every other photography business out there!

With Dane releasing a new and updated version later this year, the original edition of Fast Track Photographer is no longer available from his store. As I attended his workshop back in May and got a sneak preview of some of the new content, I know it will be good and can't wait to read it! For those of you who cannot wait until then, I have three copies of the original in the ebook format that I am giving away to three blog readers! To enter, simply leave a comment sharing one word you think best describes ME and some way to contact you (ex: lydia[at]lydiaphotography[dot]com or a link to your own blog). The giveaway will end on Tuesday midnight PST and the winners will be randomly drawn from all the qualifying entries. Feel free to spread the word and leave another comment sharing how for an additional entry!

Reading Fast Track Photographer on the plane on my trip to Virginia

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tamara said...


I like your ideas and visualizations.

townsend, ma


Chenoa said...

I'm first, Woo hoo!!! I'm so glad that you are doing this contest, I tried ordering this bookonline and found out that it's not available till the new version is released in May :(, I have known about it for so long, and thought I would read it to start off a new business year. I really don't thik I can wait till May, but thanks to you, maybe I won't have to!
Ok, so one word: DETERMINED
(I have many more, but I wouldn't want to be disqualified)
Contact: chenoa@lettherebelightphotography.com

Ruth Ann said...

Well, for the word, I think it should be:


[cause you definitely have that! ~ your pictures are always full of it, and so are your posts...]

Ruth Ann
maid2praiz [at] gmail [dot] com

Blessings to you!

Jordan Boesch said...

Sweet. =) Because that's what you are =)

P.S. I've been loving your photos lately, just haven't had a chance to comment! Keep up the great work! =)

Raquel Leal said...


Kimberly said...


The first time I heard about you was when you were on Ask Dane. Ever since then I've followed you on twitter and I can see how your confidence has grown. You push yourself to succeed and it's inspiring to watch.


Cristi said...

lovely :)

stephanie brazzle said...

wow would love to get a copy of this! thanks so much for giving away this to your readers!

one word huh?


Heather @ Simple Wives said...


Your work is gorgeous, and I love stalking your blog...;-) You always give me fresh and inspiring ideas in photography.

Also, I tweeted about it here:

Unknown said...

In only one word?


You inspire others through the love of your work; your passion for photography comes across in every frame -- encouraging others to develop that same fire.

Thanks for all that you do.

Jeana said...

Creative! I love your work!:)

Pilar Casamayor said...



Ginger Murray said...

I want to leave this contest to the people who do not have the book yet (in any form!). It is indeed a fantastic book, and everyone should read it!

Thanks for liking my site:) Always great to get props from a fellow photog!

As for your photo on this blog, I love it. To me, it makes me feel a certain way... brings me back to when I was listening to the ebook on the plane and train to get to his workshop last June... I don't know, Lydia-- it's just such a great photo to me:)

heatherjcummins said...

One word: inventive

You have so many beautiful and creative ideas, and somehow also capture the character and personality of your subjects - making it their photography too :)


caroline said...