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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Refreshing the Weather

It seems that lately I've become obsessed with accuweather.com. As a photographer that loves to shoot with natural light outside, whether or not I shoot depends largely on the weather. Give me sunshine, clouds, and sometimes even rain and snow. The type of shoot determines the weather I'd like. After many prayers and checking online, today's wedding was absolutely gorgeous! We couldn't have hoped for better weather. Which brings me back to my new favorite site, if the refresh rate determines my favorites. Though not always accurate, accuweather.com did give a pretty good estimate. This coming week's estimate calls for blue skies and sunshine! I just might celebrate with a shoot or two!

Until then, I hope you are also enjoying some beautiful weather! The flowers here in Grass Valley are coming into full bloom. My plum trees even have fruit for the first time ever! Can't wait to taste some of that homegrown goodness! Does it look like spring in your town? What do you like to do to celebrate?

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madeline blair said...

Well, right now it is pretty warm in Sonoma county and very windy. I'm actually not celebrating very much because I am miserable with allergies... oh well... It is beautiful though!! The leaves on the grape vines are lacy green and everything looks so joyful! Hey, and the weather forecast says it will be sunny for the next week! Hurray! :D

Happy spring!

Patti said...

I love to celebrate by spending time outdoors with my family. Here in Canada I get a little cabin fever over the winter so spring is so refreshing! Can't wait until WPPI again where the weather will hopefully be nice next year, hope to bump into you again Lydia

K a t e l y n j a m e s said...

Love your style girl!

Brent Pilgrim said...

Hi Lydia! I'm happy you found me! I feel bad that I haven't sent you a message since WPPI. It was awesome bumping into you everywhere that week, it really made it feel like Patti and I were seeing someone we knew for a long time. It's weird. So next year we can say "Oh yeah, us, we go WAY back!" Thanks for all the comments on my blog. You must have read them all! Bump into ya later!