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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fav Picks | My Other Brain

Last fall I did something I never thought I'd do. I laid aside my PC laptop and picked up a shiny new MacBook Pro. And I'll never go back! Although I have a tendency to become a fangirl, I'm going to try to keep this relationship between me and Apple a little lower key. Yes, they're simpler. Yes, they work better. Yes, they're so much more stylish. Yes, everyone should get one. But that's all.

Now to protect my new brain, I had to choose a laptop case befitting of its excellence. Enter the Shootsac's brother, the Hip Slip. It honestly isn't the best looking bag in the world, but it's comfortable, protects well, and can be dressed up with one of my Shootsac covers. I bought it just to test it out and haven't been able to give it up.

The case that does tempt me though is the BookBook. I absolutely love its look and wouldn't mind it for my birthday, Christmas, or any random Friday. It's so me!

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Anonymous said...

Would that "book-book" comment be a hint-hint, Lydia? =D

Unknown said...

I need a mac : )

Lydia said...

@Carreen Well, my b'day is coming up and every week has a Friday! :-D