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Friday, September 17, 2010

Nevada City Wedding | Megan & Brendan

She thought he was just coming to visit his friends. In truth, Brendan was there to see if Megan was the One for him. "Through sickness and health" became a reality to them as Megan became the one to go visit him--in the hospital. The distance, sickness, and loss of a job just served to deepen their love for each other as they overcame each obstacle one by one. And through it all, it became apparent that not only was Megan the One for him, but Brendan was the One for her.

As the canons from the nearby reenactment boomed in the background, friends and family gathered at Megan's house. The yard had been made perfect by hours and days of work by siblings and parents. From her veil to her flowers, Megan had overseen each part of the decor and details herself. With music written by the best man and Megan's younger brother, Karsten, the day was complete. Megan and Brendan were ready to take that last step to becoming One.

It was a perfect day in California!

Beautiful light illuminating beautiful details

Megan's aunt loaned her this gorgeous vintage necklace


One of my favorite moments that always brings a grin to my face. Seeing the groom watch his bride come down the aisle fills me with unspeakable joy. Brendan didn't fail me.

I asked my second shooter, Elizabeth, to find another angle for some closer shots. While I took this picture...

...she captured this sweet moment.

The property across the street had this barn that made an awesome backdrop! I'm so blessed to have clients who love creativity!


To view more of their Nevada City wedding, click here to see the slideshow!

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Patti said...

Hey Lydia, Love the photo of the flowers on the wicker chair! Beautiful work!

Unknown said...

They look so very happy. What a blessing. You documented their special day just perfectly :) LOVE her special necklace. And LOVE his tears. Beautiful. Love makes my heart melt!