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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grass Valley Senior Portraits | Jessamy

Riding horses, music, theology, reading, art...Jessamy's interests are diverse and many. Ever since she was a little girl, Jessamy has been smart beyond her years and able to converse with anyone! As she gets ready to graduate from high school, she's applying to an honor program at Biola which teaches the classics classically! Did I mention smart??

With a car full of clothes and props, Jessamy was a perfect client! We had so much fun driving around town and in the country to the best spots to show off her style and personality. Jess, thanks so much for being so creative and vivacious. You are the type of person that's an utter joy to photograph!

Her family friend, Janet, was so kind to allow us to come to her house to use her grand piano...

...and beautiful horses, Jess and Ben!

Laughter makes it an instant favorite!

Nevada City has some gorgeous colors going on, but this was one of the prettiest trees I've seen!

Booktown Books & Tomes is really one of the best used book stores I've visited. It has so many little nooks and crannies filled to the brim with pages and pages of stories and information. I may just have to go back again soon!

Pretty much her entire session makes the favorite list!

And what better to go with books than a Summer Thyme's latte?

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LadyM said...

that stack of books is funny--isn't "The Secret Life of Plants" just a LITTLE out of place? :-P

Anonymous said...

You did beautiful work on this one of Jessamy. Really captured her sweet perkiness and joyful character. Jon Delling

Kimberly said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! You should definitely do more Senior photography.

m. blair said...

Oooh, cute! Jessamy looks really fun and I love those fall colors. Great job Lydia!

Patti Mustain said...

Love the horse photos Lydia!

Unknown said...

She sounds like a well rounded girl for sure. How wonderful. The world is her oyster! Hope she excells at whatever she dreams of achieving!