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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Portraits: Styling Your Family

Some mornings it's hard enough to dress yourself. And when it comes to dressing your family for portraits, well, that's what nightmares are made of. Stylist, Reachel Bagley, jumped in to help on her blog by posting tips and tricks. Definitely check out her series "How to Dress for a Family Photo":

The goal of family portraits is to capture a slice of life at that point in time for your family. To do this, what you wear should accurately reflect you and your family. Does your daily life consist of fancy, matching outfits? If so, let's do it! But if not, let's make sure it's the real you we're capturing.

Think complementary instead of matching. Pick two or three colors that go well together then use these colors to mix and match outfits for each person. Layers look great in pictures and can help to spread the colors throughout the clan. And don't forget to add the finishing touches to your outfits! Accessories like necklaces, hats, and scarves polish off and often complete the look.

Above all, express your personality and family lifestyle! You want your children to look back at these pictures someday and say "yep, that was us back in the day!" and maybe even the nostalgic "my, how fashion has changed!" ;-)

Need a little inspiration? Scroll on!

Three boys eight and under? Guaranteed to stay dirt free for a couple of hours...with a promise of candy!

You don't need boys to pull off the look of the wild west!

Sugar, spice, and everything nice

Except for a few accessories in the second look, all these pieces below can be found at Old Navy!
When the boys have you on the run, pick simple yet put together
Family Portraits 2

Classic with a fresh twist
Family Portraits 1

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Anonymous said...

Love this!!

Anonymous said...

Soo cute!! Great tips by the way. :-)

Anonymous said...

Lydia! Where was this on Saturday when we were agonizing over what to wear for our family photo?! Oh, well...I'll keep this post in mind for next year, I guess. =)

Unknown said...

What a fun post Lydia : ) I always smile when I come to visit you.