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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Day With Justin & Mary

July 2008
A forum I was a part of invited two photographers, named Justin & Mary, that I haven't heard of before to come and share in an online chat. After it was over, what stood out in my head was that these were two genuinely nice people. They had even invited us to email them if we ever needed help.

October 2008
A Mary Marantz left a comment on my blog. I didn't get all that many comments, and the name seemed familiar so I looked her up. I couldn't believe it! Someone famous actually took the time to read my blog and comment! First and last time ever, by the way.

January 2009
I visited their site off and on and finally took the time to email them and express my thankfulness for their dedication to helping out the photography community. The note I received back made my day!

November 2009
Finally had the courage to leave a comment on their blog. Yes, this happened after Mary left one on mine!

So can you see why Justin & Mary are two of my favorite photography people? Yes, they're great at making pictures and have an awesome sense of style, but it was their heart for others that drew me in. I read their blog not just to see pretty photographs, but because I care about them as people. The personal posts by Mary are some of my favorites. She just has a skill of communicating directly to the heart. I dare you to watch these videos and not fall in love with them! I bet you'll see why I'm so excited to spend the whole day today with them at Walk Through A Wedding San Francisco!

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Unknown said...

It was so great meeting you! I realized I still owe you for the pizza. Let me know when you make it to SF again - I'll take you out for something.

LadyM said...

wow, yep, fall in love with the videos