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Sunday, May 29, 2011

San Francisco Pass Premier

I started out with paper and a pen, but as the night went on, my hand started cramping and my handwriting became more and more illegible. By the next talk I was typing away furiously on my computer. I didn't want to miss a single point being shared! It was the San Francisco stop on the PASS Premier tour, and Promise Tangeman, Zach and Jody Gray, David Jay, and crew put together a great experience for us!

As I looked around the room, I was so thankful that my sisters were there to share it with me and wished so many of my friends could have made the trip down. Yes, I had heard some of the information before, but the interaction between the speakers and the audience, and the genuineness of those presenting clicked with me in a new way, and I found myself scribbling little notes to myself so I wouldn't forget those little light bulb flashes.

The road home was filled with discussions over what we learned and the different ways we wanted to integrate that night's ideas into our businesses. Yes, "businesses" plural! I might be a wedding photographer, but my sisters cover the piano studio and graphic design creative fields. If you are looking for a night of inspiration, new friendships, and cutting-edge technology, I highly recommend checking to see if PASS Premier is coming anywhere near you!

As we stepped through the door of Broadway Studios and climbed up the stairs to sign in, I knew this was going to be different from other tour stops I had attended. Instead of just one break in the middle of the presentations for people to stretch and move around a little, they planned multiple breaks with food, drinks, and even a red carpet photo shoot. It was about more than just the impartation of knowledge, it was about fostering connections with the speakers and other attendees that would live beyond the night. I saw people I had met at other photography events, made new friends in my area, and can't wait to get together with people from other areas!

Promise Tangeman started out the night with a talk on Focus, Style, and Confidence, the keys using your strengths to create an authentic brand and displaying it online. Because I couldn't take her home in my pocket, I got the next best thing and purchased her new Creative Branding E-Course. I started in on it this weekend, and the course is chalk full of so much great information!

Zach and Jody Gray claimed the floor with their three principles for creating client relationships: Connect, Court, Continue. I loved their examples for courting their clients and was just waiting for the word "woo" to enter the equation. ;-) DJ picked speakers for the tour who not only had a lot to share, but who genuinely cared about helping others. Once you interact with Zach and Jody in person, you'll know they're more than just talk!

At the end of the night, DJ gave a short demo of how PASS will be a game changer in the industry as more and more people rely on storing images in the cloud. As he talked, I started envisioning how I would integrate this new technology in my business, and now I am so excited to share this with my clients!

A force of creativity that has been an inspiration to me, meeting Promise could be a little intimidating. But she was so sweet and kind and came right up to me to talk when I smiled and waved at her. She recognized me from a previous meeting we had at WPPI and was so open about sharing everything from her hair tips to how home schooling helped to develop that creativity that has made her so widely known and respected.

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Shannon Morse said...

Awesome post Lydia! I coudln't agree with you more! It was a great evening. I also really enjoyed getting to meet you! :D

Gray Photography - Zach and Jody - Nashville Wedding Photography said...

Thanks for your kind words. It was so nice meeting you!

http://www.promisetangemanblog.com said...

it was SOOOO amazing to meet you girls. You three are a dynamic triple. :) haha. LOVED our conversations. Hope to see you again soon.

Alex said...

I really have to admit that I am BEYOND jealous! Can't believe that us in the UK have to miss out on such extraordinary opportunities that so many of you have over there in the USA :( .. Plus I love Promise .. and Zach and Jody .. and DJ .. Ugh the list goes on and on. Big hugs and I'm so happy for you that it was such an inspiration!

Unknown said...

It was so much fun!

But I haven't really been able to get PASS to work yet. Have you tried it out?