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Monday, July 11, 2011

31 Bits Party

Little bits of paper, some string, and a clasp. Creative yes, but really so much more. 31 Bits is all about using fashion and design to make a difference in the lives of women and their families in Uganda. But it's even more than providing a means to sell and market their jewelry. 31 Bits cares about helping the women physically, vocationally, educationally, and spiritually. They give them the life-skills they need to ensure these women can go on to live lives of hope for a better future.

I first heard about 31 Bits last year because one of the founders, Brooke Hodges, grew up in the area. It took over six months, but I was finally able to host a party to share the company and jewelry with my friends!

Great food makes a party even better! Yes, southerners, this is blueberry ice tea!

Hello apples + dip and fruit!

This was new and quite yummy: hummus on cucumber slices with a sprinkling of sesame seeds for decor.

Elizabeth's fruit salsa with cinnamon and sugar ritz crackers.

And a few new favorites: peanut butter sheet cake, chocolate dipped macaroons, and strawberry lemonade bars to go with an old fav no-bake chocolate peanut butter cookies and a plate of vegetables so you didn't feel guilty!

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Trish said...

It looks lie your BITS party was a success. :) The jewlery is beautiful.

m. blair said...

That looks gorgeous, Lydia! The jewelry is just beautiful and what an awesome ministry. Please tell Elizabeth her fruit salsa looks scrumptious. =D Missing you guys...

Lydia said...

@Trish Yes, it was a great success! We even have more orders coming in!

@Blair So before you hear it from someone else, I was actually in your area from Sunday-Tuesday. The last day was an unexpected add-on, but I just needed a few more hours to have been able to see you! But it's only two more months until the wedding!

LadyM said...

yowzers! the refreshments look summery exotic, and you did a great job displaying the beads. You ended up getting some branches AND using the vases after all! :)

Lydia said...

@LadyM Thanks Michelle! So glad you got to see some of it beforehand!

rebekah j. said...

ohh wow, i'm so impressed by your hospitality skills! :)