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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Auburn The Ridge Wedding | Emily & Brian

It was summer of 1998 when I got the dreaded phone call. The local ministry director was going to be attending our children's club to check in on us and offer encouragement. To us, nothing could be scarier! It was our first year teaching 5-Day Clubs, and Emily and I had both studied the missionary story at the training camp. Because of the ratio of new students to more advanced students, we ended up being paired together to teach and having to learn the Bible lessons on our own. And now the director himself would be watching?? Aaaah! We turned our club upside down that day to teach the hardest stuff first hoping he wouldn't show up right away. I can still remember our laughs of relief at the end as we finished everything in record time!

Life went on and over time Emily and I lost track of each other. After becoming friends on Facebook, I knew she was marrying a good friend's husband's friend, but not much else. So one Friday night while sitting at the kitchen table sipping tea with my photographer friend Michele, I mentioned that I needed a shoot to be able to practice all I'd been learning lately. "You're welcome to come along to my wedding tomorrow," she said. And that's how, fourteen summers later, I got to watch Emily marry her best friend, Brian.

The Ridge in Auburn made perfect backdrop for family and friends to get together and celebrate!

A ladybug for good luck!

Just love the layers of her dress!

The cutest flowergirls let me photograph all their pretty details

Emily was such a beautiful bride! Radiant and so full of joy to be marrying Brian!

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Brenda Hodges said...

Beautiful work, Lydia!

Kaitlyn (Robert & Kathleen Photographers) said...

beautiful photography! I really liked how you captured the couple in the mirror in the last image - how clever!