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Monday, November 21, 2011

Styling It Up for Fall

I absolutely love fall clothing with its cardigans, scarves, coats, and boots! But as a bride, it can be hard to rock the dress when you feel a chill or even just figure out how to personalize your look when it comes to the season. Here are a few ideas to help you out!

While the pashmina has become a staple at many weddings, don't forget its lightweight cousin, the silk scarf. For the days when the sun is still shining, a pop of color or even a leopard print can look great in pictures or just change up the look for your reception!

One of my favorite trends is wearing a cardigan over your dress. Solids, prints, lace--they all look fabulous! Combined with tights, this can work for both the bride and her bridesmaids!

Yes, you may ending up needing to wear a coat over your dress at some point during the day, but even a simple white peacoat can look special when you replace its button with these vintage inspired ones from a craft store!

Sparkly, suede, or patent leather heels--all fabulous choices to change up your look!

"While classic is always nice, there's nothing wrong with your wedding or your bridal style reflecting who you are at the time you get married! Don't pass up on something you like because you're afraid it'll look "dated" later in pics...guess what, it still will no matter what! So don't be a fashion victim but enjoy the time you live in and capture it!" -Jessica Palmer Makeup

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Jess said...

Love love LOVE those blue heels!

Kristin Nicole said...

Great ideas! I love the cardigan!