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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Forest Lake Christian Senior Portraits | Luke

"Now let me just take another picture without the sun flare."
"What did you say? I can't turn off this Latin flair!"

As the last light was fading into night, we jumped in the car, joking about empty fields and possible truck driver killers. It was the perfect end to an amazing shoot! As a Lydia Seniors 2013 Forest Lake Christian School Senior Rep, Luke was so much fun! Lucky for him it got dark because we could have gone on for hours!

I'm so thankful for Luke and his family! Going through pictures from when I first started my business, I came across a set of him and his sister graciously letting me practice on them. Luke, all these years later, it's such a privilege to capture this point in your life!

We just had to start out with a man's best friend: Dudley the dog.

It's a little known fact that I used to be a violin teacher. Well, meet my first student! Luke now uses his musical abilities as a guitarist to bless his church and school!

We got the Latin flair going on a little here!

Straight from Guatemala?

The leather buckle cuff was totally created by him!

Get this, he also likes to write some of his own music!

As well as tap into some old soul music with a few records.

Every guy needs a pair of wingtips like these!

Favorite set!

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Becky said...

What a great subject, looks like a fun shoot and you capture his personality! Great pics!

Kimberly said...

I love this shoot! The image with the pencil behind his ear is amazing. One of the best senior portraits I've ever seen. Keep up the amazing work Lydia!

madeline blair said...

That's so awesome that you used to be a violin teacher!! I never knew that you were musical!

Jennica - Ayelet said...

You didn't say anything about the accident you had when you were a violin teacher. ;)
Luke is so old! I remember when he was in 3rd grade and I was in 12th. Wow.
Very nice, Lyds! :)

clippingimages said...

Very innovative photography. Best wishes for this couple.