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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bay Area Wedding | Anna & Sam

Polished silver teapots lined one table across from stacks of vintage teacups that Anna and friends had gathered. Old books and teapots filled with various flowers decorated the tables along with more flowers created out of paper. It was the perfect setting for an afternoon tea party!

Anna and Sam's family and friends gathered together not only to watch them commit their lives to one another, but to join them in celebration! Cakes galore, tea, salads, and cookies were feasted on until the dancing began. Created just for the day, The 18th of August was a Scottish dance taught to the guests during portraits and then performed during the reception. It looked like so much fun that I was tempted to put down my camera and join in!

Whenever I get an inquiry that says they heard about me through a past bride, I know it's going to be an amazing wedding. My couples have the best friends, and one of the biggest honors is when they pass on my name! This wedding didn't disappoint! Anna and Sam, your story is an inspiration to me, and I wish you many, many more years of creating a home together, complete with "ingredients to make cookies in the cupboard"! :-)

I was so excited when Anna told me she had found the perfect vintage wedding dress and even more excited that she paired it with classic pearls and a splash of red bling!

Don't mind pictures and have an infectious cheerfulness? You would be in contention with Sam as an awesome groom! Not to mention he's more tech-savvy than me--he worked for Google!

Bridesmaids wore matching dresses made out of a retro fabric and carried a swag of flowers to match.

So sweet and pretty! The parasol was the perfect addition to their vintage, tea party styled wedding! While I was capturing this picture on the left, my second shooter, Elizabeth, was capturing the one on the right!

Can't you tell that they're so excited to finally be married?! :-)

One of my favorites!


An afternoon tea party of celebration!

So much fun!

To view more of Anna and Sam's Bay Area wedding, check out their personalized website!

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Allix Ruby said...

cute cute cute :)

madeline blair said...

so cute, lydia! all the 50's details remind me of angela's wedding... i think that was actually the last time we've seen your family! :(