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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Road Trippin' 1

I don't even know how to begin describing this trip. Since last summer's road trip, packing up the van and heading out seems to be the vacation of  choice. Thirteen days, seven states, and hours and hours of driving! It all started out with a simple facebook chat between my cousin and sister. He mentioned that his family would be going to Yellowstone in the summer, so we decided to join them! Between me and my family, we took a lot of pictures! So I'm dividing this trip into two posts.

Oh, the things you come across when you travel to new states! My sister started collecting pictures of funny signs, while I snapped a shot of this garden as an example of how I want my yard to look!

A benefit of traveling outside of California is finding Cracker Barrel along the way!

Views from the window of our car as we crossed through the states.

When you only see cows and fence lines for hours, and you're from California, a few California Cows jokes tend to come up again and again!

Pronghorn antelope

Etna, Wyoming

Bonfire outside our cool hotel

The Grand Tetons

Colter Bay and Jenny Lake

Our first and only moose sighting

A trip back into the past--tent camping!

When you tent camp and don't have a campfire, everyone turns in early to read!

I really wanted to do a photo shoot at this location!

Our little adventure into a herd of bison had us ready to drive away at any moment...

...while I furiously snapped pictures!

Loving negative space on this trip

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Brenda Hodges said...

Great shots, Lydia ~ I especially love the last two (oh, and the baby bison!)...