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Saturday, November 24, 2012

UC Davis Arboretum | Lindsey

You could say we met the old fashioned way: online. We were both active readers of The Rebelution blog and both so excited when their first ever conference was in California! As bloggers ourselves and team members that helped promote the conference, we were also invited to take a special picture that later got published on the blog. Fast forward a year to 2007 and our second meeting took place at the next California conference. Add one coffee meetup years later, and Lindsey and I were friends mostly by facebook and occasional greetings. So when her mom emailed me requesting a session for Lindsey's birthday, I was so excited! Of the two things on her wish list--a rice cooker and a photo shoot--you've got to admit, the pictures are the most fun! ;-)

And while we've mostly been friends from afar, Lindsey has been such an encouragement and inspiration in my life! I keep telling her that I think of her as years older because she's always been crazy mature! As a debate champion, co-founder of Beauty From the Heart, and still an active writer on Lies Young Women Believe, she's able to use her gift of writing and communication to speak truth in a world of confusion! I'm so honored to have been able to spend an afternoon with her and her family capturing a little slice of life in this moment!

Look at this gorgeous birthday girl!

I was ecstatic about the light at the UC Davis Arboretum. Good find, guys!

So free and joyful, even in the hard times.

One of my favorites!

As an older sister to two sisters myself, this just warms my heart! I want a sister picture like this!

Beautiful girls and cute Jethro!

Like out of a storybook!

Real life. Together.

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Meredith Sledge said...

So, so pretty!! I'm loving her outfits!

Catie said...

Love! I wish I was half as stylish as she is! Gorgeous photos!