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Monday, January 28, 2013

Not in Your Plans

I woke up this morning exhausted but happy. So much preparation and so little sleep had gone into getting everything ready for the wedding fair, and I'm so excited about how things turned out! But as I logged into my computer and opened Google Reader, my perspective shifted. Thoughts of business and marketing no longer filled my head. I was abruptly stopped in my thought tracks and forced to consider to brevity of life.

For years I've long admired Abby Smith for her keen eye and unique perspective that makes her photography so fun and fresh. So when I read the headline with the words "Terminal Cancer" I froze. I have no idea what I would do if I heard those words come from a doctor's lips. But as I serve a loving God who sustains me through all things, I have hope that I could glorify Him through it like Abby!

As you go through your busy Monday, take a minute to consider what you're doing. Not that working hard in your business, school, etc. isn't important, but that it's not all that matters in life and shouldn't consume every waking thought. And then watch Abby's video and join with me in praying for her healing!

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Abby said...

Just now saw this post. Thank you so much for sharing my story and praying!