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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Napa Valley Engagement | Jessica & Timothy

It started over dancing on Friday nights. United as chaperones for her sister and his brother, little did they realize this was also the beginning to their own story. When their siblings were married on a beautiful fall day later that year, Jessica, of course, was maid of honor, and Timothy was the best man.

Life went on, but they continued to see each other around and started meeting up for coffee between college classes. Jessica had liked him from the start, and Timothy wasn't too far behind in liking her back, so no one was surprised when they announced their relationship! Then just nine months later while on their way up to Tahoe for a family trip, a stop for Peet's coffee led Timothy to propose, and she said yes!

Jessica and Timothy, your wedding is going to be amazing! Filled with family, friends, good coffee, and dancing...but most importantly, the start of a new chapter in your story!

Typical dates for Jessica and Timothy included exploring new towns and sampling out their coffee and chai. Calistoga is the home of one of their little, favorite coffee shops, Calistoga Roastery.

A cute little section of the town included little boutiques set up in old railroad cars!

Their own special way of holding hands

Hoping to catch the last bit of daylight, we made the drive out to Sebastapol to the pretty naturesque setting at Ragle Ranch Park, a place they loved to walk together.

Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes to the wedding!

Can you tell she's a trained dancer?

One thing you notice right away about Jessica is that she's always smiling! Her heart is overflowing with infectious joy that just radiates from her face!

There's a sweetness and lightness to their relationship. Like they have a secret of their very own. But I think anyone looking at them can tell what it is. They're in love. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

wow, these turned out so cute! you captured them so naturally and genuinely. lovely job, lydia!

Lydia said...

Thanks Blair! By the way, I owe your family a phone call! Or does Carreen have texting??

Olinda said...

So great, Lydia! I've been checking everyday to see these.

It was wonderful to get in a little visit also while you were here!

Lydia said...

Thank you for your sweet hospitality, Olinda! It was great seeing and getting to spend a little time with you all!

Anonymous said...

ok! yes, carreen does have texting (actually all of us do).