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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

California Foothills Portraits | Natalie

My family and I are really close. So while I may not know all my sisters' friends, and they may not know all mine, we probably "know" them by name, where they live, etc. So when my sister brought Natalie home from their big music teachers' convention, I'd heard enough to know that she was an amazing piano teacher and author from Kansas.

As I got to know her over the next few days, I came to realize she is also an amazing person with a heart for serving God by serving others! I will treasure the talks we all had together about being creatives, running a business, and how to do it all to the glory of God. Natalie and Julia have some exciting plans they're putting together that I'll be sure to update you all on when it's time, but let's just say that if there's a trip to Kansas in the future, I might just tag along!

It's probably a given that if you're coming to my house for a visit, a photo shoot is going to take place!

Love her smile and laugh!

Not quite like the fields in Kansas, but the view wasn't too bad!

After talking to Natalie, I'm inspired to journal and blog more often. Here are some tips on journaling my friend Sarah just shared!

Tea, black that is, is the beverage of choice!

Not only is Natalie a great teacher, but she's also an amazing writer and speaker. Be sure to check out her books Pajama School and Born to Deliver!

Tools of the trade!

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