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Friday, July 19, 2013

Life via iPhone | Spring 2013

Somehow in between vacation, getting back to normal life, and wedding season beginning, I feel like I missed the beginning of summer! And now it's half over! But going through pictures on my iPhone, I'm reminded of all the moments, big and small, that make up this beautiful thing called life!

-spring has come to Northern California!
-pretty new summer lip color in Pinup Peach
-dos gatos trying to keep cool and taking over the dog bed while they're at it
-a fun surprise tucked away at Squirrel Creek Ranch, my new fav wedding venue
-since starting to use Gevalia coffee, homemade lattes are the best!
-enjoying the weather, cheering on friends

-the gorgeous California foothills that I call home
-new fav—lemon ginger tea
-amazing location of our Showit shootout—Northstar House
-pretty homegrown flowers from friends
-sweetest "just because" gift ever
-scones and devonshire cream with an old PHC friend

-someone forgot to set off the raccoon trap before leaving for work...
-partial shoulder dislocations and a hurt back made me grateful for health and more
-Mother's Day brunch for one special mommy!
-Black Collar wanting to go for a ride
-washed my hands twice in a row just to smell the different soap scents
-new best friends

-nautical summer tote
-determination: phone dying in the middle of taking a picture and having to wait to eat the cupcake until it's charged again
-helping out at a friend's yard sale and trying not to buy all the treasures for myself
-cranberry rosemary spritzers
-drinking some of the most expensive coffee in the world—kopi luwak. google it and tell me I'm not adventurous!
-"Lydia" roses

-smoothies with the sista before our soccer game
-baby jack is growing up
-think this will keep the raccoons out of the cat food?
-coconut and espresso? two of my favorites in perfect combination!
-pearls + gingham = perfect camp attire
-laughing at this cute kitty as I got my hair did

-finding brand inspiration in fun places. it doesn't hurt that it's lemon scented!
-walking tacos Pennsylvania style
-sunset over the clouds as we fly homeward to California
-loved how Jessica and Timothy spruced up her family's barn
-cutest salt and pepper set
-lots of laughs with my amazing Showiteer group!

Ok, after looking through my phone, I kinda admit I have a thing for cute animals and fun drinks! What do your camera phone pictures say about you?!

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Anonymous said...

so fun! and wow, you definitely take the cake for determined... =P


The Barefoot Girl said...

Mmm, my pics would probably tell you that I focus more on food and Abby than on the scenery around me :) An abundance of goofy shots! Love your post, Lydia.

Jennica - Ayelet said...

What is this jackrabbit?!?!

Lydia said...

@RC Ah yes, food pictures! Lately I think I've been too hungry to wait to take a picture first! ;-)

@Jennica Isn't he so cute? A friend rescued him from death by weed eater.

Lydia said...

@Blair Oops, for some reason I didn't see you comment until now!