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Friday, August 9, 2013

Fav Picks | A Sniff of Lemon

Ahhh, there's just something about the scent of lemon that gets me! It's clean, fresh, and has just the right amount of that citrus zing! So when I find a product I like that smells like lemon, I'm over the moon excited! Here are just a few of my fav finds!

  • yes, good smelling hand soap is always a plus
  • looked for this kind of shampoo for years before it showed up at Grocery Outlet
  • so sad that Bath & Body no longer sell this, so I'm enjoying every last drop

  • yep, this lemon verbena candle from Target ties with pumpkin spice for fav candle scent!
  • and if you follow me on instagram @lydiaspics, you'll also see more of my discoveries like lemon ginger tea!

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