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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Definition of Success

Even in a creative industry like photography, success is often measured by numbers. How many times have you been published, how many followers do you have, how much do you charge for weddings... And while defining success by meeting goal numbers might work for some, that's not the kind of life I desire.

For me, photography is not a career, but a passion. It's a means of self-expression and a way to capture the beauty and reality of these moments that make up life. As a business, it's a way to take what I love and share it with others while adding to the economy of my home. Right now that's as a daughter and sister, but hopefully someday as a wife and mother!

Reading another photographer's post, I was reminded again to put aside the fear of man and what others may think of me, and embrace my own definition of success. Yes, I do have another job as a barista at a coffee/gift/florist shop. But I love it! I don't need to justify those 10 hours a week and worry that they may not take me seriously as a photographer. Even when those fears were realized this summer when I received a referral from a sweet lady because I wasn't a "big pro"... :-)

But it doesn't matter. This is the life I want. And even more importantly, this is the life that God has set before me, and I am so thankful to walk in the way!

So for me, success is much more than the number of clients I have or earning a certain amount of income. It's being able to create a life of freedom: from debt, to minister to others, to work with clients I love, to develop and nurture friendships, to pursue other interests, to play sports, to work with my family, to travel, and to be open to new opportunities!

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