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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Forest Lake Senior | Madeleine

Watching kids you taught back around K-2 age arrive at their senior year is crazy! Your parents weren't lying when they said time goes by faster the older you get! So I was shocked and excited when I got an email from Madeleine asking me to do her senior portraits! Umm, yes!!

From her description of likes and activities, I couldn't help but like this older version of the girl I used to teach all those years ago! She's fun, funny, and so talented! And her whole session, family entourage included, was a joy! I know Madeleine is going to blow away the audience at her school play this fall, and who knows, maybe one of these pictures will be used to attain future auditions! ;-)

Everything was beautiful at Empire Mine, but these fall colors made this a favorite spot!

Of course Madeleine's dog, Emma, had to make a special appearance!

One of Madeleine's passions is fashion, so we had fun matching outfits and props to different locations!

You can't beat a red lip, swing coat, and vintage typewriter!

From vintage cameras to Vogue magazines to a special box for her grandmother, each prop had special meaning!


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Kristina said...

I love these photos! You have captured Madeleine's grace and style. ~Kristina