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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Legacy of Hope

Snow, canceled Christmas parties, and a couple days of just catching up on life and seeking God's direction for the new year was the extent of my weekend plans. As I sat in my sister's room updating QuickBooks, she asked if I had heard an update on Abby recently. I hadn't so she searched around online for a bit and then said quietly, "I think she died today."

It was just in January that I cried watching Abby bravely share the story of her battle with cancer and started praying for her healing. And this weekend as I cried again watching her faithful testimony to the end, I knew that the prayers of many were answered when she was healed once and for all at the feet of Jesus!

Like she said in her last video, most of us don't get to see the full impact that our lives have made, but she was wrong to believe that she did. What she saw was just the tip of the iceberg. Even in death her life continues to encourage and inspire thousands of people around the world. Her legacy is one of hope which she found in Jesus Christ!

She lived and she loved.

Thank you, Abby

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