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Friday, February 7, 2014

Life via iPhone | Fall 2013

This doesn't even begin to capture the extent of my fall, but does highlight some of the small joys during those months! Here's a peek into the best season of the year!

-thankful for Sunday afternoons with brothers who buy me chocolate
-fun behind the scenes sneak peek from a secret photoshoot
-first pumpkin spice latte of the season, but definitely not the last!
-tapas and dessert at Living Well's Gala
-tonight just confirmed the face that I greatly dislike guesstures, but empire kinda got me when my "name" won over the entire group!
-settling in for the long night of work with psl to keep the peepers open

-experiment of pumpkin and sweet onion quesadilla--so yummy!
-my family knows me too well! cute stationery and lemon smelling hand soap for my b'day!
-fresh fruit and veggies make the best table decor!
-chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes + les mis music to the start the birthday
-know this Daesy Grace, you are loved and wanted. your story is a picture to all of God's love and goodness!
-my beautiful flowers from Art in Bloom Flowers

-happy one month b'day Daesy Grace! #nicu #securitybadge
-<3 able="" as="" being="" cutie="" hold="" i="" much="" p="" pie="" this="" to="" want="">-last night with this sweet baby girl, so of course that means a photo shoot and polka dot bow!
-nothing like espresso chocolate chip cookies in the morning
-ice skating and pretending it's actually a cold winter!
-Thanksgiving walk, so much to be thankful for!

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