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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The All New Website | It's Finally Here!

It's with a little trepidation and much excitement that I proudly introduce you to my brand new website!! This has literally been a dream for years, and now it's finally here!


While my old site will always be special, even if just for all the lovely couples that found me through it, it never fully represented who I am or the experience I wanted to provide. I knew it needed help, but for years I never felt like I was ready or knew exactly what I needed. Then one day as I was researching online, I came across this quote from Lara Casey:
A year from now you will wish you started today.
I will never be fully there. There's always going to be changes ahead as I grow as a person, and  I'm going to keep striving to refine my style and become better at what I do! But instead of just focusing on the unknown and letting it keep me back, I need to embrace the here and now and start making the changes that I can do today!

So while my new site is not "perfect", and there are still special things that will be added here and there...it's live! It's me! And I'm ready to finally show it off!

So grateful to my designer, Ravyn, of Three Fifteen Design who put up with my for a year and not only created this beautiful site, but also my lovely new logo!!

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