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Monday, November 23, 2009

Bobblehead Impressions and Pretty Red Rocks

There are just some trips not worth writing home about. On our last Pennsylvania trip, my dad heard about their version of the Grand Canyon. We drove hours to see this wonder of the eastern state. I'm sorry to say, the canyon, more like a dip between two mountains, was as exciting as my daily tooth brushing routine.

As we began the 12 mile scenic route to Sedona, Arizona, my family began to discuss that previous trip. I think we had a premonition that this would be another one of those stories we would try to forget and only remember when we found ourselves in the same situation again. It wouldn't be surprising if everyone was secretly laughing at the crazies in the minivan as they drove by in their 4-wheel drive off-road vehicles. If you like looking at pretty red rocks, driving on rough roads that make you and your passengers do an award winning bobblehead impression, and have two hours of free time, this is the drive for you. If you have had recent neck surgery, avoid this tourist trap at all costs.

My family's attempt to stay sane:
Lydia: That red reminds me of poison oak.

Lydia: It's like we're driving on the bottom of a creek bed.

Cacti along the scenic route to Sedona Arizona

Mom: Are we ever going to be done?
Lydia: Only five more miles!
Mom: I doubt we've even gone a mile.
Lydia: Only 5 ½ more miles!

Family picture taken along the scenic route to Sedona Arizona

Dad: I like those little rocks sticking out.

Dad: Here comes another minivan. Yay!
Elizabeth: We're not the only dumb ones.

View of the red rocks along the scenic route to Sedona Arizona

Watching a truck drive by...
Julia: Look at them go! That could be us!

View of the red rocks along the scenic route to Sedona Arizona

Looking at the rocks...
Elizabeth: That one looks like an elephant. That one looks like a snail.
Lydia: Yeah, that does look like an elephant!

At the very end:
Dad: That would be a better drive in a 4-wheel drive.

Red mountains along the scenic route to Sedona Arizona

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LadyM said...

rugged beauty? not for the tree lover, I'll grant you :-)

Mary Marantz said...

LOL! love the conversations! The pictures are GORGE!!!

blair said...

I've been to the Grand Canyon and I liked it - we did have a suburban though...:) Beautiful pictures! I love the third one especially.

blair said...

You don't think tooth-brushing is exciting Lydia? :P

Lydia said...

@Blair: Oh, the real Grand Canyon is awesome! And no, brushing my teeth is so mindless that I often get lost in my thoughts and end up forgetting which teeth I'd brushed. :P

cherish.photography said...

Gorgeous! Love those landscape shots!

Jennica - Ayelet said...


. s h e r r y * said...

Baha, your commentary was hilarious...

Unknown said...

OOOhhhhh.... so beautiful!
I was just out there in Arizona. Amazing!