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Friday, November 13, 2009

Setting off Alarms

It happened again. I walked out of the second store only to leave in my wake the annoying beeping sound that tells all around that a shoplifter has exited the store. Only, I hadn't bought anything much less stole something! I looked down at myself to make sure there wasn't some scarf stuck to my sweater or a bracelet that had dropped into my purse. Nope, nothing.  Looking up, I saw a lady give me a nasty look that said "How dare you walk free among the good and upright.  People like you belong in jail!" It was then that I remembered what I had discovered earlier in a dressing room. You may have noticed that many stores nowadays have their alarms sensors built into the clothing in little tags that you cut off when you get home. Well, it seems that I had forgotten to cut off one of those tags on a sweater that I had bought awhile back and was now wearing. Oops! So I ran to the store I had purchased it from, told them my sad tale, and cut it off once and for all! I left the store laughing at myself. And then went on to enjoy the rest of my day and avoid the lady that wanted to see me in cuffs. Oh Lydia, what a life you live!

If you aren't embarrassed to be seen with me after that shopping episode, I will be in San Diego this coming Monday-Wednesday, November 16-18, offering Just Because portrait sessions! These can be for seniors, families, engagements, just-got-braces-off, facebook...pretty much any reason at all! Drop me a line to reserve your spot!

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blair said...

Wish I lived in San Diego! :( That shopping story sounds too fun!

Unknown said...

Hey it happens to the best of us, the important thing is you enjoyed the rest of your day!

hope all is well

Mary Marantz said...

LOL! Oh that is SO something that would happen to me!

Jesse Sloan said...

Goodness, between you and Katrina I need to remember to grab some popcorn before I get on facebook. =) Hope your visit to SD is pleasant and sunny!

Anonymous said...

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