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Saturday, December 12, 2009

One of Those People

I'm becoming one of those people. The kind that walked up to you saying "I used to know you when you were little! You used to..." Yeah, one of those people. When you've taught for over 13 years, the kids you once taught are bound to grow up. Though you may still feel just as young, it's when "age is a number, not a feeling" becomes true. Today was once of those days

For the first time in three years, I attended a wedding I wasn't photographing. It was nice to just sit back and enjoy the ceremony without worrying about capturing each moment. Ok, I did miss it a little, but it was a nice change of pace! Paige and Tim were so happy to be marrying after waiting for so many years! I hadn't seen either family for years and to my surprise, they had all changed during that time! So I became one of those people. Yes, I might have even told the story about the Superman pajamas and jumping off chairs to fly... But don't hate! I didn't do it in front of him!

Flowers and details at St. Canice Nevada City California wedding

Bouquet and boutonniere flowers at St. Canice Nevada City California wedding

Wedding ring at St. Canice Nevada City California wedding

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Cathy said...

You're right... it's so weird attending a wedding without holding a camera up to your face the entire time. Great captures, especially taken as a guest. :)

Patti Mustain said...

Hey Lydia, You are taking such beautiful photographs! You go girl!

LadyM said...

lol, a whole post about not being a photographer at a wedding followed by wedding photos :-P nice.