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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blacking Out, Health Books, & Facebook Updates

As I lay on the sidewalk with my feet up on the retaining wall, my muddled head tried to figure out why I had almost blacked out in church and in the middle of someone sharing their testimony at that! You hear stories about people passing out at concerts or events where it's dark, crowded, and the heat becomes so oppressive that the body can't handle it. But if you know anything about my church, it's nothing like that. So as the blood began to flow back into my head, I remembered that I had been too rushed to eat breakfast that morning and where I once could take hearing about people's injuries, age brought on feelings of squeamishness I never knew were possible.

In fact, my mom once thought I was going to be a nurse because I loved to help people when they got hurt and read health books like they were part of the American Girl series. Yep, I could recite RICE with the best of them! "Oh, you scraped your knee playing soccer? I just happen to have Neosporin right here in my back pocket!" No band-aids though, still don't like those things.

So even though I never became a nurse and can no longer discuss someone's latest ER visit, thank goodness for those elementary health books. Instead of falling over in my seat and having people come pray over me, I knew to put up my feet for a little, grab a snack to boost those blood sugar levels, and even make it back in time to hear the end of the testimony!

In other news, winter has finally come to California in the form of 6+ inches of snow, and I'm so excited about Facebook's new timeline features! Check out the new cover pictures for the Lydia Photogaphy page and Lydia Seniors page!

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