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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fav Picks | Just a Note

I've resisted adding to the collection, but somehow I always find myself in the stationary aisle at Target or walking through the Papyrus store when I pass it in the mall. I just love paperie: tags, notecards, sticky notes, journals, and even office supplies! So I'm super excited to finally 1) have an excuse to add to my collection and 2) have a few personalized things just for Lydia Photography! Now I'm just looking for an excuse to write a few notes!

And just because I could, a personalized case for my iPhone! :-D

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madeline blair said...

Yay, that's so cool Lydia! I can totally relate to your paper weakness--it's so hard to resist looking at all those pretty papers at the store! There are so many and I always find myself thinking, "Oh this one totally looks like so-and-so," or, "this would really brighten so-and-so's day." :D