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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Self-Employment, Straight Hair, and Self-Defense

A great thing about being self-employed is the ability to work anywhere, even from bed when I'm sick. A bad thing about being self-employed is often working anywhere, even from bed when I'm sick. After succumbing to the cold going around, I'm finally making progress on the road to recovery! Which really means less naps and working somewhere other than my bed. So here's a couple of fun random things to hopefully brighten your day!

Sometime back in college I finally embraced the curl. I was born with the typical stick-straight Asian hair, but along the way, it decided to conform more to my English/German roots and get a little crazy. For someone who grew up with neat, perfectly styled hair, it was hard to adjust. I've got to say though, I think the random, sometimes messy, look is a little more me. If you have a similar style, check out Promise Tangeman and The Girls With Glasses for more fun tips!

 Have you ever walked out to your car in the dark and done the whole circle around the car and check the backseat routine? Add keys in grip and parking by the nearest light, and you've got my winter walk to the car after work. So I was excited, and a little nervous, to start a self-defense class. It ended up being one of the best things I've done! While mine was just a starter course, I highly recommend anyone signing up for the 8 week full on training. Contact the Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu school for more information. You won't regret it, and it might just save your life someday! Just buy a tube of arnica gel for bruises after practice, and you'll be good to go. ;-)

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Christy said...

I hear you on the working while sick! There definitely are perks about being self-employed, but I have to say I definitely miss having actual paid sick days! haha :)