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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bay Area Engagement | Anna & Sam

You've probably heard that "distance makes the heart grow fonder" and "you don't appreciate what you have until it's taken away" and thought, "yeah, yeah, just the tagline of some new romance movie." And you wouldn't be too far off, but these phrases belong to a real life love story!

You see, Anna and Sam had just been family friends for years. They met when Anna's family moved to Indiana and stayed in contact when they moved back to California. When Sam came out this way to intern for Google, they hung out in the same group of friends. Just friends, right? It wasn't until Anna moved to Virginia to teach that Sam noticed things weren't quite the same. Something was different, and he wasn't sure if he liked that.

So he made the first call. Very calculated on Sam's part, but evenly spaced so as not to appear desperate. Unexpected and random enough to Anna, though, that she knew something was up. As the months went by, the phone calls came more and more often until in January they actually talked two days in a row!

A couple of trips back and forth and spring break found them back in Indiana, the place where it all began. Sam booked the restaurant, gathered the courage to ask the question, and she said yes! And now they're both back in California planning a vintage styled wedding--love!

Anna and Sam, I had such a great time getting to know you both as we walked and hiked around and cannot wait to spend your special day with you!

We started off the evening walking around the old town area of Vallejo, finding little hidden spots for pictures.

So cute!

Sam, I think you might be my first groom ever to like getting their picture taken. Instant favorite in my book! :-)

Oh, just doing a little dance step--something they love to do together!

Then we drove over to Richmond to hike--yes hike--up the hill to catch the last rays from the sunset!

Anna and Sam will be moving at least four times in their first year of marriage, so a travel theme fit them perfectly!

Practice for that first dance!

Wondering if I can import this light for their reception...


To view more of Anna and Sam's Bay Area engagement session, check out their personalized website!

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Lorinda said...

Beautiful, Lydia!!! What a fun story and such an adorable couple! I can tell you really had fun with this one.

Brenda Hodges said...

Another beautiful shoot, Lydia ~
and, wow! that light...

Jordan and Rebecca said...

Lydia! I love this so much. You do such a beautiful job in everything you do. I hope I will get to see you soon.

Angela Dawn said...

So pretty! It was fun to be reading your post and think, "ah, I bet I know who this is!" I'm so happy for them...

madeline blair said...

beautiful photos, lydia! i love the vintage touches--especially that old picnic basket. i want one!! = D

Magpie Madness Jewelry said...

These are absolutely lovely!