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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Smartsville Senior | Madeline

Give me a field and beautiful light, and like any photographer, I could shoot there all day! But what makes it really special is when it fits the person being photographed there, which is why I love it when seniors pick their own location! And did Madeline pick good or what?!

With her entourage and a truckload of props, we spent this last couple hours of daylight in the field capturing this smart and funny girl! And while this is only a glimpse into her life and many talents, her beauty and spirit is so evident! Madeline, it was an honor and joy to spend a day with you and your family capturing this sneak peek into your life!

A girl after my own heart!

Favorite on the right!

Sweet peas from the garden, books, and a cup of coffee--I think Madeline would choose to study out here any day!

Most favorite musical instrument picture EVER on the left! We were channeling our inner Piano Guys for these pictures!

Ready to start this next chapter in life!

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Angela Dawn said...

Those pictures really came out well! What a beautiful setting! The boots and western theme are really fun--I'm guessing that really captures her interests and personality.

God has given you a gift for seeing and capturing beauty and individuality.

I miss you, Lydia!